Sunbird Solar Announces New Solarpod Data Models

With built in WiFi, hard drive, and data sim slot the Solarpod Data is the ultimate hot spot! Connect your WiFi enabled devices to the Solarpod network and stream media, backup your files, and connect to the internet via 3G cellular networks.

Check out the Solarpod Data 5k, Solarpod Data 1K, and Solarpod Data 240 at CES in Las Vegas.

Don't forget about the Solarpod Buddy Data. How do you improve one of the best solar powered batteries on the market? By adding a 32GB flash drive! The new Solarpod Buddy Data works as a solar powered charger, USB powered battery pack, outlet powered battery pack, and 32GB USB data drive. Solar power in your pocket with the drive and energy to back it up! 

Keith Li
Keith Li