Solarpod Polaris 5K Data : Keep Your Life Powered All Day

The Solarpod™ Polaris 5K Data gives you the power to go the distance. The plug and play design will have you up and running in record time. There is no installation required to start powering your life. With the Solarpod™ Polaris 5K Data you can run a full size refrigerator for up to 200 hours or power an Air Conditioner for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The Solarpod™ Polaris 5K Data is the ultimate hot spot with mobile data and WiFi connectivity. The 3TB hard drive allows you to stream files to all connected devices. Create a secure back-up of all of your important data at any time. The transportable design allows you to take the power with you. The Solarpod™ Polaris 5K Data powers your life all day wherever you want to be.

  • 3000W Power Output
  • 2000+ Cycle Battery Life Span
  • Weighs 90 kg / 198 pounds
On one full charge Solarpod™ Polaris 5K Data can power:
  • WiFi Data Module : 53 Days Continuous Use
  • Full Size Refrigerator : 200 Hours Typical Use
  • PC w Audio & Internet : 2 Work Weeks (8 Hours / Day, 5 Days / Week)
  • Air Conditioner (1HP/Split) : 15 hours (Compressor on 30%)
  • Note: Longer if charging with solar panels
Product Weight : 91 kg / 201 lbs
Dimensions : 459 x 350 x 765 mm / 18.1” x 13.8” x 30.1”
Data Module : 3G Wireless SIM slot, WiFi Network, SD and Micro SD Slots, USB Drive slot, LAN and Ethernet Ports, 3TB Hard Disk Drive
Battery : LiFePO4
Power Capacity : 52V 100Ah / 5200Wh
Rated Input : DC 52V / 20A (Max 50A)
Rated Output : 3000W Pure Sine Wave with four 110V or 230V electrical outlets & four 5V 2A USB ports
Charging time : 6¼ hours by AC/DC adapter, 23 hours by one 250W solar panel, 2.3 hours by ten 250W solar panels (under optimal sunlight conditions)
Life-span : 2000+ cycles


Keith Li
Keith Li