Solarpod 240

Solarpod 240 is an ultra-compact and lightweight solar power station. Great for backup power at your home, office, or as a mobile solar generator wherever you want to be. The 240Wh battery capacity enables self-sufficiency when off-the-grid. The powerful 250W Modified Sine Wave output is more than enough to support your major electronic devices and camp lights. Take Solarpod™ anywhere to provide portable power where you need it.

On one full charge Solarpod 240 can power:

Laptop Computer: 7 Hours Additional Usage
Mobile Phone: 40 Full Charges


Product Weight : 4.3 kg / 9.5 lbs
Dimensions : 255 x 195 x 110 mm / 10” x 7.7” x 4.3”
Battery : LiFePO4
Power Capacity : 12V 20Ah / 240Wh
Rated Input : DC 14.6V / 5A (10A Max)
Rated Output : 250W Pure Sine Wave with one 110V or 230V electrical outlet, 12V 15A car adaptor &
two 5V 2A USB ports
Charging time : 4½ hours by AC/DC adaptor, 5 hours by one 60W solar panel (under optimal sunlight conditions), 10 hours by DC car adaptor
Life-span : 2000+ cycles
Package includes : User manual, carrying case, AC/DC charger, replacement fuses. DC/DC car adaptor (optional)


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